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About The Trick Room

Allie Clarke is a twenty something office clerk who is failing an interview for a Team Leader role. Outside of work, he decides to start a cricket team to keep his friends out of trouble over the summer. He recruits colleagues and boys from football who he doesn’t necessarily get on with.

woman playing cricket

This all takes place against the backdrop of parades and protests and what seems like an inability for the older members of the various communities to move on from the past. Allie is also being terrorised by a loose cannon detective called Spesh who will go to any lengths to save his own back including illegal interrogation techniques.

man standing proudly with cricket helmet

The team struggle from one game to the next, arguing with each other but steadily improving. The season culminates with a game against Spesh and the police, Allie defeats a different sort of interrogation and exposes Spesh for the coward he is. Allie is interviewed again for the Team Leader role and this time gets the job drawing on the experience he has gained since the last interview.